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Wooden Exotic Bali Buddha Mask Topeng 16" Hand Carved Wooden Buddha Mask / Wall Hanging- Royalty

$49.99 $37.95

Size: 16" x 10" x 5"

ID: MC0010

Materials: Albesia Wood

This is a exquisite hand-carved wooden Buddha mask. It depicts a serene and tranquil Lord Buddha. The carving is sharp and most detail. Buddha's facial expression says it all - calmingly gentle, peaceful and tranquil. It's believed that by placing a Buddha artifact will bring you luck and peace to your space and life.
This masterpiece is carved entirely from a half block of high quality wood instead of a wood plank, in order to maintain the carving's integrity and quality. Instead of the more commonly available Buddha mask carvings with the round beaded hair, this mask comes with long strings of hair. The painstaking process to meticulously carve the hair, shows the dedication of the artist. A head band with a center golden floral badge adorns Buddha's forehead.
This mask looks great as a wall hanging for your exotic home decor. It also looks wonderfully on a book shelf. You will love the quality of the carvings as well as the attractive shiny brown stains with a hint of maroon to it.


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